After opening a database, the application registers it in the list of the last used databases, which can be accessed from File | Registered Databases... menu. The application uses this list each time it opens a database.

Except database names, the list contains also connection parameters for the databases. The database connection parameters can be viewed or edited using the corresponding buttons.

Any database from this list can be easily reopened by using the corresponding button. Opened databases from this list are marked with a tick.

You can copy the database list, clear stored database passwords, remove databases from the list, or add new databases by cloning the old ones or opening them using the corresponding dialog.

The list of the registered databases (along with their connection parameters) is saved to a workspace file. By default, this is a exptizer.workspace file from the {Local AppData}\Vitaliy Levchenko\{Software Name}\{Software Version}\Settings folder. When the application is restarting, the list is loaded from the workspace file into the operating memory and used to open the previously opened databases.