You can prepare the data source for copying / exporting by filtering its data.

To filter the data in open table, enter the filter condition in Filter window and press ENTER or click the corresponding button. When a field name, used in the filter condition, contains spaces, enclose it in brackets.

After applying the filter, only the data satisfied to the filter condition will be visible.

To remove the source data filter, clear the filter condition or click the Apply Filter button again.

The latest filters are stored and available for reusing.

Examples of Filter Conditions

1. CustNo > 1000

2. FirstName = 'Dave' or FirstName = 'Todd'

3. [Payment sum] > 20 and [Payment sum] < 87 and PayCode = 2

To filter a SQL query result (available only in Exportizer Pro and Exportizer Enterprise), it is better to use WHERE clause of the SQL query instead of applying the filter in the way described above.