To print the table data from open database, use Tools | Print Table... menu or Print table button .

Data are printed as they appear in the grid. Only visible columns are printed.

Printing Data

Print options:

Draw cells borders - set this option to have each cell drawn with borders
Alternate row color - specify background color for every second row. The color must be specified in hexadecimal form, which is made up of sharp symbol (#), followed by three hex numbers, rr, gg, bb, that give values for red, green and blue, respectively; for example, #FF0000 represents red. If you don't want to highlight every second row, leave this field blank.
Page output direction - specify the sequence, in which multiple pages should be outputted (meaningful for cases when total table width is wider than page width)

Before printing, please make sure that all the data fits into the cell. You can change widths of columns and heights of rows, reorder columns and hide columns, which you don't want to print.
To print the table in single record view, right-click the table and choose Print Current View.