Rename Us Users' Guide

Command Line Usage

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This topic contains Rename Us Pro command line specification.

Using command line parameters, you can open and execute Rename Us Pro projects from your own applications, command files etc.

You can use command line parameters only with Rename Us Pro. Using them in Rename Us will cause errors. You can learn more about differences between Rename Us and Rename Us Pro here.

You must precede all options (unless otherwise noted) with a slash (/). The switches and parameters or their parts, enclosed in square brackets [], are optional, and the switches, enclosed in arrow brackets <>, are required. Colored items must be replaced by actual user parameters.

The options are not case sensitive and their order is not meaningful. Each switch or parameter should be included only once.


[/s[ilent]] [/e[xecute]] [/ClearFiles] [/save] [/SaveAs=NewProjectFileName] <ProjectFileName>


1. If command line contains options, beginning with a slash (/), they should be included before <ProjectFileName> option.
2. If the command line does not contain options, beginning with a slash (/), then, instead of a project file name, you can include a folder, a group of folders, or a combination of folders and files, which are to be added to the new project created each time the program starts. See example 6.

Command Line Examples

1. renamus "c:\my Rename Us projects\pics.rnp"

2. renamus /execute c:\RenameYesterdayPics.rnp

3. renamus /execute /silent c:\CopyDocs.rnp

4. renamus /silent /ClearFiles /save "c:\ddd.rnp"

5. renamus /silent /ClearFiles "/AddFile=d:\music files\001.mp3" "/SaveAs=c:\MyCollectionNew.rnp" "c:\MyCollection.rnp"

6. renamus "d:\music files\001.mp3" "d:\music files\004.mp3" "d:\music files\Beatles"

Command Line Options


Rename Us project file name to open. File name that includes spaces must be enclosed in quotes. Required option.


Silent mode. When execution is silent the program windows are not displayed. This option meaningful only if the command line contains options, others than <ProjectFileName>. Attention! There are no overwrite prompts in this mode.


Execute project.


Clear project files.


Save project.


Save project to new file.