Rename Us Users' Guide

Preparing List of Files

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To prepare list of files for renaming or copy (source files), please go to Select Files page.

The list of the source files is located at the bottom of the page. It can contain files with unique file path only, duplicating files are ignored when adding.

Adding Files to Rename

Drag files from Windows Explorer

You can add files to the list simply by dragging them from Windows Explorer.

Using internal explorer

You can add files to the list using explorer in the top part of the page.

First, specify folder, from which you wish to add files. You can do this by typing folder name in the top field and pressing Enter, or just by selecting it from folder tree to the left.

After selecting the folder, the list of files it contains will appear to the right.

If you want to filter the file list, please specify the file filter mask in the corresponding window above and press Enter. Examples of the mask:
To list all files, use *.* mask. To list only files without extension, use *. mask (asterisk and period).
Too see more file mask examples, please go here.

To include files from sub-folders to the list, please use the corresponding checkbox.

After appearing the files in the list to the right, you can add them to the project list of files:

to add a file or several files, select it (them) in the list and click Add Selected button or press Enter;

to add all files, click Add All Files button (or press Ctrl+A to select all files and then press Enter).

Removing Files

To remove a file or several files from the list, select it (them) and click Remove Selected button or press Delete.

To remove all files the list, click Remove All Files button (or press Ctrl+A to select all files and then press Delete).

To remove non-existing files, click Remove Non-Existing Files button.

Rearranging the List of Files

Moving selected file

To move selected file one position down, click Move Down button.

To move selected file one position up, click Move Up button.

Sorting the list

To sort the list, just click the corresponding column title. To sort in descending order, click the column title again.

To sort by several columns, click column titles holding Shift down.

To randomize the list, click Randomize button.