Export Conditions

In most cases, to export from Paradox to Microsoft Access, the following conditions are required:

Configuring Paradox to Access Exporting

  1. If the target database does not exist yet, create an .mdb or .accdb file using MS Access or another application which is able to do that.
  2. Launch Exportizer Enterprise 32-bit.
  3. Register your source Paradox database. It must be a folder with .db files. Interface can be BDE or ADO. In case of BDE, you'll probably need some preparations on Windows Vista+ to get it to work. In case of ADO, using an ODBC driver for Paradox is also required. Please note that some Paradox ODBC drivers cannot open Paradox 7+ tables and cannot work with table names longer than eight characters.
  4. Register your target MS Access database. This must be a file from step 1. Use ADO interface. If your target database file is .mdb (not .accdb), the FD interface could be used. In case of problems try to play with different interfaces (ADO vs FD) or (better) build your own connection string for your Access database (ADO interface only) using examples from Exportizer documentation or from the Internet. Note: You can register the target database from the Export dialog during the exporting.

Instead of using a pointer to the Access database file, you can create an ODBC DSN for it in step 1, and then use that DSN on step 4 (using ADO interface). In this case, Exportizer Pro can be used instead of Exportizer Enterprise.

Export Steps

  1. Open the registered Paradox database.
  2. Chose a table or tables to export or write and execute your SQL query.
  3. Click Export button.
  4. Go to the Database tab and select your registered Access database as a target database.
  5. Specify a target table (for multi-table exporting, you can leave this field blank). Turn on Memory saving mode option. Choose the correct Export mode.
  6. Click Next. For multi-table exporting, specify the source-to-target table mappings, otherwise check the source-to-target field mappings.
  7. Click Export.

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