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Exporting Icons

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Exporting icon(s) from selected file

When you select/open any file with icons, you may save/export the icons using Save button at the top as described below:

1. All or selected icon can be saved to ICO, BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, or EMF files.
2. All icons may be saved as one picture to BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, or EMF file.
3. All icons from the selected file can be exported to:
 a HTML document (.htm, .html), where icons will be placed into a HTML table as JPEG, GIF, or PNG images;
 a dBase 5 file (.dbf), where icons will be placed into a BLOB field of the dbf table (one icon per record);
 a PDF document (.pdf).

You can select the needed export file type by choosing the corresponding item from the popup menu which appears after clicking the Save button.

If you export all icons as separate graphic files (1) then you will be prompted to select the folder where the images are to be saved. When saving, the created files will be named automatically as follows: ico_<source_file_name><icon_number>.<extension>. For example, if the source file name is winword.exe and destination format is BMP then files will be named so: ico_winword001.bmp, ico_winword002.bmp, and so on. You will be prompted to overwrite already existing files. To skip the prompting, just click Yes to All button.

Note: after exporting, you can quickly rename the created files with custom renaming rules by using, for example, Rename Us software.

Export options

When exporting icons from selected file to HTML or dBase formats, there are several options that control the output:

HTML export options
Column countSpecifies HTML table column count.
Target image format Specifies graphic format, which will represent icons in HTML document. Possible values are PNG, JPEG, GIF.
Draw table border Adds borders to HTML table.
Include icon numbers Adds icon numbers below each of the icons.
dBase export options
Field name Specifies the field name for the dBase table where icons will be stored. The field name may contain only alphanumeric characters. 'ICON' name is used by default.
Export as Specifies the format in which icons will be stored in a dBase field. Possible values are icon, bitmap, JPEG, GIF, PNG, or metafile.
Common options
Convert images to gray scaleExported icons are converted to gray scale. This option is ignored when exporting to dBase format and saving icons as icons.

The program will prompt you to change the options in additional window every time you want to export to either of these formats. To avoid this additional window from appearing and use previous settings, click the Save button while simultaneously holding Shift+Ctrl keys down.

Exporting icons from all files in specified folder

There is an option to extract and save all icons at the same time from all of the selected files found when scanning a folder in the search panel.

First, you need to select the folder with icon containing files. Then click Extract and Save from All Files button in the middle of the Search panel, choose destination format and select a folder into which to save the images. The files are named as described above for exporting all icons from selected file.


Export operations may be performed also via the command line.