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Search for Icon Containing Files

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To search for icon files containing any icons, click Find files with icons inside button at the bottom of the work area, and the Search panel will appear.

In the enter field at the top of the Search panel, specify the minimum number of icons that every file must contain. Using the checkbox at the bottom, specify either to scan subfolders or not. Then select the folder in Folder explorer to the left and Icons from File will scan that folder for files, containing at least the specified number of icons. To abort the scanning, press Esc. All files found will be shown in list to the right, and the count of such files will be shown in the middle of Search panel. You can resize the Search panel and its parts for a more convenient view of them.

To see the icons from any of the files in the list, just select it. If the list is too large and if you want to find the file with known file name in it then move to the list and type in several of the first letters of the file name; the small field will appear in the file list, where the program will show you the best matching name in the list; if this name is one that you need then just press Enter to select that file.

The most powerful feature of this mode is an ability to extract and save icons from all found files at once! Just click the Extract and Save from All Files button in the middle of the Search panel, choose destination format, and select the folder into which the images are to be saved. See the Exporting Icons topic for details.