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Rename Us Pro Registration

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While the Rename Us is freeware, the Rename Us Pro is shareware with test period of 15 days. After the test period, if you want to continue using the program, you need to buy it, otherwise you must immediately uninstall the program from your computer.

You can buy or find information about current prices and discounts on Rename Us Pro web page:

There are volume discounts when purchasing more than one license. Note that one (1) user license gives the buyer the right to use one (1) copy of the product on one computer only.

Advantages for registered users

- Non-limited using the program for any legal purposes.

- Receiving full technical support and updates information for the software via E-mail.

- Free upgrades for the entire major series. For example, if you purchase 4.0, you get all the 4.xx upgrades free.

- Great discounts (up to 70%) on upgrades to other major versions of the program (for example, from 4.xx to 5.xx).

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