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Rename Us Ordering

Here you can buy Rename Us Pro software. Click here to learn about the differences between Rename Us and Rename Us Pro.

Please note that the Rename Us Pro is a trialware with test period of 15 days. During the test period, you can use its full functionality for free.

Number of computers Price per computer in USD
1 15.00
2..5 12.00
6..9 10.00
10..19 8.50
20 and more 8.00
- One (1) user license gives the buyer the right to use one (1) copy of the product on one computer only.
- All prices are shown including VAT.
- Volume discounts are based on single orders. Previous orders are not considered.

After purchasing, you need to register the software using Help | Register... menu.

Advantages for buyers

1. Perpetual license.
2. Non-limited royalty-free using the software for any legal purpose.
3. Six months of email technical support.
4. Free upgrades for the entire major series. For example, if you purchase 4.0, you get all the 4.xx upgrades free.
5. Great discounts (up to 70%) on upgrades to other major versions of the program (for example, from 4.xx to 5.xx).