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Rename Us - Batch File Renaming Tool

Selecting files for renaming

Release date 4/9/2024
OS Rename Us: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
Rename Us Pro: Windows 7/8/10/11
Language English
Requirements -

Bulk Rename Files

Rename Us allows to rename or copy multiple files on Windows.

When renaming or copying, the file names are changed according to flexible criteria (rules) specified by the user. You can specify the following renaming rules:

  • Add prefix or suffix.
  • Cut prefix or suffix.
  • Change case.
  • Capitalize first letter.
  • Replace substring.
  • Add numbers.
  • Change file extension.
  • Specify custom rule. This is the most powerful tool: you write your own renaming expression of almost any complexity; you are able to use file or system dates, file size, file content, MP3 tags, arithmetic operations, a lot of predefined functions etc. Using custom expression, you can spread your files across multiple folders.

It is possible to add any number of rules. The rules are applied consequently in the specified order.

Before renaming, the list of files to rename can be rearranged manually or automatically by name, date, type, or in random order.

In Rename Us Pro, it is possible to merge multiple files into a single file.

The tool allows to export the list of files to several common formats like Excel (XLSX), HTML etc.

The program is useful when creating music play lists, picture collections etc. For example, you can organize your MP3 music files by giving them the meaningful names based upon MP3 tags inside.

Full Preview of Renaming Rules

There is a possibility to preview how renaming rules will be applied for any file in the batch.

The batch file renaming can be executed in test mode (without actual renaming), which gives you the ability to check how all selected file names will be changed.

Rename Files from the Command Line

Rename Us Pro can rename or copy files via command line, so you can use it in scheduled tasks, for example.