File Utilities

Rename Us Editions

We have two editions of this file renamer: Rename Us (free) and Rename Us Pro (trialware with 15 days evaluation period).

Comparing Rename Us and Rename Us Pro

In addition to Rename Us features, Rename Us Pro gives you ability to:

Rename Files from the Command Line

Rename Us Pro supports renaming or moving files from the command line. I.e. you can call the application from .bat files, Windows Scheduler, or other applications.

Automatically Create Folders

Applying some renaming rules during the file renaming can lead to constructing target file paths with folder names, which does not exist. In Rename Us Pro, such folders will be created 'on the fly' before creating the target files.

Write Extended Log

To better control the renaming process, Rename Us Pro allows you to include an extended log file to your project and fill it using a custom script.

As well as getting detailed monitoring of the renaming process, this allows you to create interesting and sometimes very useful side effects: converting file data to another format, merging files etc.