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Database Tools and File Utilities

We offer database and file software for Windows. All tools and utilities are free or trial.

We provide excellent support to our clients, including help to choose the best options when solving your specific business tasks using our tools.

Below is a brief overview of our most popular applications.

Database Tools

Database Converter and Exporter

Have you ever used a data export tool? Try our Exportizer Enterprise and compare. This very cheap and easy to use software can beat many expensive export tools.

Exportizer Enterprise migrates data from one database to another, exports data to various file and db formats, saves Blob fields to individual files etc.

For example, it can convert data from Access to SQLite and vice versa, export Oracle data to accdb and back, PostgreSQL to Interbase, Excel to dbf, SQLite to CSV, SQL Server to HTML, and allows a lot of other database-to-database or database-to-file conversions. There is a possibility to define custom user formats using the user's formulas.

It is possible to export a table, a batch of tables, or a SQL query result. You can pick database fields to export or add your own calculated fields.

Any export operation can be performed either from GUI, via action file, or through the command line.

Use Exportizer Enterprise to export database to files, databases, clipboard, or printer

Database Report Writer

Another useful database software is Reportizer, which creates professional database reports. It has a visual report designer, SQL editor, report preview, and can export reports to several output formats like HTML or Excel.

Reportizer features: SQL editor, visual report builder, report preview, report exporting and printing

Multi-Functional Database Tool

And Database Tour Pro is a database management software. It combines the functionality of Exportizer Enterprise and Reportizer and adds many other database specific features. It allows to search in database, view and edit database objects, build and execute database queries, work with BLOB data etc.

Database Tour Pro tools: SQL query tool, data export and import tool, Blob editor etc.

File Utilities

Batch File Renamer

Rename Us is a batch file renaming software. Changing file names are done according to renaming rules, which are applied one by one. Renaming rules can be previewed before applying.

Latest Software News

7/21/2024: Database Tour and Database Tour Pro have been released. More...

6/20/2024: Exportizer, Exportizer Pro, and Exportizer Enterprise have been released. More...

5/31/2024: Reportizer has been released. More...

5/26/2024: Reportizer Viewer 6.3.3 has been released. More...

4/9/2024: Rename Us and Rename Us Pro have been released. More...

3/22/2020: Flying Cube 2.0.1 has been released. More...

2/14/2018: Icons from File 5.1.1 has been released. More...