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Exportizer Version History

8.4.4 (6/21/2022)

  • Minor changes.

8.4.3 (5/17/2022)

  • Opportunity to create Firebird databases from GUI. [Enterprise edition]
  • Added 'Use raw data' option for exporting data to HTML format. It lets you the opportunity to add your own formatting to the target document.
  • New command line switch /UseRawData for exporting data to HTML format.
  • Minor changes and bug fixes.

8.4.2 (5/5/2022)

  • Minor changes and bug fixes.

8.4.1 (4/28/2022)

  • Added a possibility of exporting and importing the list of registered databases.
  • Opportunity to create SQLite, Interbase, and Microsoft Access (.mdb) databases from GUI. [Enterprise edition]
  • Minor changes and bug fixes.

8.4.0 (3/29/2022)

  • Minor changes.

8.3.9 (2/24/2022)

  • GUI improvements.
  • Minor GUI bug fixes.

8.3.8 (6/30/2021)

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

8.3.7 (4/22/2021)

  • Improvements in exporting to Excel (xlsx). Now it is faster, more reliable, and produces smaller file size. [Pro and Enterprise editions]
  • Minor interface changes.
  • Minor fixes.

8.3.6 (4/2/2021)

  • Ability to specify names of sheets for multi-table exporting to XLSX format. This is especially useful when exporting multiple table to one file. [Enterprise edition]
  • Minor interface improvements and bug fixes.

8.3.5 (3/11/2021)

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes.

8.3.4 (3/2/2021)

  • Possibility to change fetch size for FD connections. The fetch size also affects the size of Live Data Window when exporting large tables. [Enterprise edition]
  • More options are available when dragging files to Exportizer with open database.
  • Ability to import tables from dragged database files (including multi-table files) into open database. [Enterprise edition]
  • Minor bug fixes in command line and action files processing.
  • Better processing text and CSV data in 64-bit version.

8.3.3 (1/21/2021)

  • Possibility to add field mappings for every pair of source and target tables for multi-table exporting. [Enterprise edition]
  • Improvements and bugfixes in Export dialog.

8.3.2 (1/11/2021)

  • Showing actual SQL text. [Standard edition]
  • Improvements and bugfixes in Field and Table Mappings sections.

8.3.1 (12/23/2020)

  • Improvements in opening Firebird and Interbase databases. [Enterprise edition]
  • Minor changes and bugfixes.

8.3.0 (12/18/2020)

  • Faster loading of Export dialog.
  • Fixed a bug with exporting multiple tables via GUI. [Enterprise edition]
  • Fixed several bugs in exporting GUI.

8.2.9 (12/8/2020)

  • Improvements in opening dBase (DBF) databases in 64-bit applications when using ADO interface.
  • More correct quoting field names when exporting data to SQL Script and Database target formats.
  • Possibility to specify field mappings in the table mappings XML file for multi-table exporting. See table mappings file documentation for details. [Enterprise edition]

8.2.8 (11/23/2020)

  • Fixed several bugs in exporting custom calculated fields to DBF and Database target formats.
  • Minor improvements in database opening interface.

8.2.7 (11/4/2020)

  • Redesigned interface for exporting to SQL script.
  • Fixed a bug with not writing a BOM when exporting to SQL script for UTF-8 and Unicode encodings.
  • Fixed bugs with not copying data to clipboard for UTF-8 and Unicode encodings.
  • Added a Charset parameter when defining a new db connection using FD engine. This is especially important for Firebird databases. [Enterprise edition]
  • Minor changes.

8.2.6 (10/26/2020)

  • SQL autocompletion improvements. [Pro and Enterprise editions]
  • Minor interface bugfixes and improvements.

8.2.5 (10/4/2020)

  • Minor interface improvements.
  • Exporting to CSV and text: text data with line breaks are enclosed in quotes now.

8.2.4 (8/13/2020)

  • Fixes for opening specifically named tables.
  • Improvements and bugfixes when exporting to PostgreSQL and SQL Server databases.
  • Improvements in data grid.

8.2.3 (4/28/2020)

  • Improvements in export logging of higher level: more events are registered; minor changes in format.
  • Improvements and bugfixes in export UI.
  • Improvements in custom formulas validation.

8.2.2 (4/13/2020)

  • Added custom formulas validation in Expression Builder.
  • Improvements in exporting data to SQL Server and SQLite databases. [Pro and Enterprise editions]

8.2.1 (3/19/2020)

  • Minor bugfixes in Export dialog, Field Mappings section. [Pro and Enterprise editions]
  • Minor bugfixes in exporting data to SQL Server. [Pro and Enterprise editions]
  • Minor changes.

8.2.0 (2/16/2020)

  • Fixed a bug with exporting floating-point values to XLS format.
  • Minor improvements in SQL editor. [Pro and Enterprise editions]

8.1.9 (1/12/2020)

  • Faster exporting to XLS format.
  • Possibility to add totals when exporting to majority of export formats. [Pro and Enterprise editions]
  • More correct calculating expressions.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Fixed several GUI bugs.

8.1.8 (12/29/2019)

  • Minor bug fixes in command line and action file processing.

8.1.7 (12/19/2019)

  • Function 'char' for expression engine.
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes for exporting data to SQL Server, PostgreSQL.
  • Extended application of some export error handling options.

8.1.6 (11/26/2019)

  • New command line parameters to simplify database connection.
  • Minor changes and bugfixes.

8.1.5 (11/17/2019)

  • Minor changes and bugfixes.

8.1.4 (11/10/2019)

  • Improvements in exporting to JSON and user defined export formats.
  • Minor changes and bugfixes in the user interface and command line processing.

8.1.3 (11/3/2019)

  • Exporting to text file with JSON and Expression schemas is available now in Exportizer Free edition.
  • Exporting to HTML using template file is available now in Exportizer Free edition.
  • Minor improvements in action files interface.
  • Possibility to load and save export definitions.
  • Improvements in exporting data to SQL Server databases. [Pro and Enterprise editions]

8.1.2 (10/20/2019)

  • Better working with BYTES fields in data exporting.
  • Minor improvements in exporting data to PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Visual FoxPro, Firebird, and Interbase databases. [Pro and Enterprise editions]
  • Minor improvements in data grids.
  • New expression engine function: dataset_field_hex_val. [Pro and Enterprise editions]
  • Minor bugfixes in exporting data to databases, connected via ADO interface. [Pro and Enterprise editions]

8.1.1 (10/10/2019)

  • Minor improvements and bugfixes.

8.1.0 (10/5/2019)

  • Ability to clone registered database under a new name.
  • Interface changes in Open Data Source and Registered Databases dialogs.

8.0.9 (10/1/2019)

  • Minor improvements in data grids.
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes in export procedures.

8.0.8 (9/25/2019)

  • Possibility to export data to JSON without needing to write custom expression. [Pro and Enterprise editions]
  • Improvements in expression engine. [Pro and Enterprise editions]
  • Minor changes and bugfixes.

8.0.7 (9/8/2019)

  • Better working with binary fields in data grid: it is now possible to view and copy the HEX representation of the contents of such fields.
  • New export option: possibility to export data to Unicode without BOM.
  • Minor changes in exporting to Excel (XLSX) formats. [Pro and Enterprise editions]
  • Minor interface changes.
  • Optimization of export procedures for some field types.

8.0.6 (8/4/2019)

  • Minor bugfixes in export field mappings interface.
  • Better building the field type mappings in database-to-database exporting.

8.0.5 (7/23/2019)

  • Minor interface changes and bugfixes.
  • Minor changes in command line processing.

8.0.4 (6/16/2019)

  • Minor interface changes.
  • More flexible opening data tables in Live Data Window mode, which allows to export huge tables without memory overflow. Just right-click the needed table and choose Open in Live Data Window Mode. The corresponding environment option was removed. [Enterprise edition]
  • Fixed bugs in data printing interface.

8.0.3 (6/2/2019)

  • Fixed a bug with opening database files after data exporting and from Windows Explorer.

8.0.2 (5/26/2019)

  • Fixed a bug for exporting date and time values to SQL script format using PostgreSQL Copy option.
  • Minor changes.

8.0.1 (5/19/2019)

  • Faster calculated fields processing. Exporting with extensive usage of dynamically calculated fields is done up to several times faster than before. [Pro and Enterprise editions]
  • New function for dynamic expressions: Parse. It calculates any expression passed to it, including expressions held in database fields or external files. [Pro and Enterprise editions]
  • Minor bugfixes. [Pro and Enterprise editions]
  • Minor changes.

8.0.0 (5/9/2019)

  • Fixed minor bugs in data export interface.
  • Minor improvements in database opening interface.
  • Minor bug fixes in exporting to Oracle databases. [Pro and Enterprise editions]
  • Added a new export option to migrate data to relational databases in batch mode. This increases the speed of exporting drastically. And you can change the speed by playing with the batch size. [Enterprise edition]
  • New command line option for batch data exporting: /UseBatchMode. [Enterprise edition]


7.1.2 (2/27/2019)

  • Minor improvements in data grid.

7.1.1 (2/17/2019)

  • Minor changes.

7.1.0 (2/7/2019)

  • New command line option to create the target folder or database: /CreateTargetContainer.
  • 64-bit version is available.
  • Repaired exporting multiple tables from command line. [Pro]
  • Minor bugfixes in Export dialog.

7.0.9 (1/20/2019)

  • Fixed some connection issues for SQL Anywhere, DB2, and Advantage databases. [Pro]
  • Improvements in export field mappings interface.
  • Minor changes.

7.0.8 (1/1/2019)

  • New environment option to limit memory usage for large source data sets. [Pro]
  • Minor changes.

7.0.7 (12/20/2018)

  • Improvements in exporting data to HTML and Text/CSV formats.
  • New export option for Text/Csv target format: Quote character.
  • New command line option: /QuoteChar.
  • Minor changes and bugfixes.

7.0.6 (12/4/2018)

  • Using environment variables while running the program from the command line.
  • More correct quoting of table names for SQL Server and some other database types. [Pro]
  • In the table list, showing different icons for views and external tables.

7.0.5 (11/13/2018)

  • Improvements in export field and table mappings setup.

7.0.4 (06.11.2018)

  • Exporting BLOBs and CLOBs into individual files.
  • Minor GUI changes.
  • Export to text and Excel (Xlsx) corrections. [Pro]

7.0.3 (10/28/2018)

  • Minor changes and bugfixes.

7.0.2 (10/7/2018)

  • Improvements in interface when working with MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and SQL Server databases. [Pro]
  • Minor changes.

7.0.1 (9/16/2018)

  • Ability to write comments in own SQL queries in Access (mdb) databases, opened by embedded database engine. [Pro]
  • Minor changes.
  • Minor bugfixes in command line processing.

7.0.0 (9/5/2018)

  • New embedded database engine, which allows to open the databases like PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server and many others without needing to install 3rd party drivers. [Pro]
  • Each newly opened database can be registered with a friendly and meaningful name given by the user.
  • Redesigned database history window, which now allows you to edit the properties of registered databases.
  • Every control with database list shows now quick hints with the most important database properties, so you can easily find the needed database even if you cannot find it by name.
  • New command line options which allow to optimize work with field mappings: /FieldMappingsOverride, /FieldMappingsOverrideFile, /FieldSourceToTargetSchema.
  • Improved Open Data Source window.
  • Improved database passwords protection.
  • Ability to create schema for text tables with fixed-length fields.
  • French GUI added (translated by Anthony Teixeira).


6.3.2 (8/26/2018)

  • Minor changes.

6.3.1 (8/9/2018)

  • Many minor improvements and bug fixes in interface and export procedures.

6.3.0 (6/29/2018)

  • Minor changes and bug fixes.

6.2.9 (5/20/2018)

  • Minor changes and bug fixes.
  • More convenient notifications about updates.

6.2.8 (4/30/2018)

  • Minor interface improvements.
  • Minor changes in expression engine.

6.2.7 (4/17/2018)

  • Minor changes.

6.2.6 (3/20/2018)

  • Improvements in exporting data to HTML.
  • New export options: detailed logs and error handling. [Pro]
  • New command line options.
  • Minor changes.

6.2.5 (2/18/2018)

  • Functions dataset_field_val, dataset_field_is_null, dataset_nvl can now accept a field index instead of the field name as second parameter. See documentation for more details. [Pro]

6.2.4 (2/11/2018)

  • New export option: Trim trailing spaces for char and varchar data (False by default).
  • New environment option: Trim trailing spaces for char and varchar data (False by default). The option has influence on data aware controls (grids).
  • New command line export option: /TrimTrailingSpaces.

6.2.3 (2/4/2018)

  • Minor interface improvement.
  • During the exporting data to delimited text and CSV files, field values are now quoted if they contain either a field separator or a quoting character (i.e. duble quote). In the latter case, each quoting character inside the field value is doubled.

6.2.2 (2/1/2018)

  • Minor GUI bugfixes.

6.2.1 (1/31/2018)

  • Fixed a bug in exporting to XLSX. [Pro]

6.2.0 (1/29/2018)

  • Improvements in Export dialog.
  • Minor bugfixes.

6.1.9 (1/3/2018)

  • Automatically checking for new version.
  • Minor changes.

6.1.8 (12/7/2017)

  • Minor changes and bugfixes.

6.1.7 (11/1/2017)

  • Creating schemas for Unicode text and CSV files.
  • Using different encodings when exporting to text or CSV.

6.1.6 (10/16/2017)

  • Interface improvements.
  • Minor bugfixes.

6.1.5 (8/1/2017)

  • Multiple tables can be exported to one XLSX file, one table per sheet. [Pro]
  • Multiple table tables can be exported to one SQL file. [Pro]

6.1.4 (7/24/2017)

  • Minor bug fixes.

6.1.3 (7/11/2017)

  • Minor changes.

6.1.2 (6/29/2017)

  • Ability to change target SQL attributes when exporting to databases. [Pro]
  • Minor changes.

6.1.1 (5/31/2017)

  • Improved source-to-target field type mapping for Database and SQL Script target formats.
  • Extended format of field mappings file.
  • In Export dialog, Field Mappings section, it is now possible to view the target columns SQL specifications for Database target format.
  • In Export dialog, Field Mappings and Table Mappings sections, added utilities to change the case of characters in the target attributes.

6.1.0 (5/23/2017)

  • Improvements in export routines.
  • Improvements in data grids.
  • New environment option: Show Memo (long text) data.

6.0.9 (5/15/2017)

  • Minor improvements in export routines.
  • Minor improvements and bugfixes in GUI.

6.0.8 (3/6/2017)

  • When exporting to SQL script, it is now possible to use COPY command for PostgreSQL target database.
  • Ability to use Mac styled line breaks for text export formats.
  • Minor changes.

6.0.7 (12/28/2016)

  • Improvements in exporting to SQL Script and PosgreSQL. [Pro]
  • Minor changes.

6.0.6 (12/12/2016)

  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

6.0.5 (10/31/2016)

  • Minor GUI changes.

6.0.4 (9/12/2016)

  • Exporting data to XLSX. [Pro]
  • Export speed increased up to 2 times for most of export formats.
  • Minor bugfixes in expression calculation engine.

6.0.3 (7/4/2016)

  • Minor changes in exporting to SQL Script for SQL Server. [Pro]
  • Bugs fixed in exporting to PDF.

6.0.2 (6/6/2016)

  • Improvements in database grid.

6.0.1 (4/11/2016)

  • Minor changes in export to PostgreSQL. [Pro]
  • Minor bug fixes.

6.0.0 (3/28/2016)

  • New export formats: PDF, SYLK, Excel (OLE), Word (OLE).
  • Ability to work with favorite export formats only.
  • Automatically checking for new program version.
  • Minor changes in data grid.


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