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Exportizer Ordering

Here you can buy Exportizer Pro or Exportizer Enterprise software. Before proceeding, you might want to compare different Exportizer editions.

Please note that the Exportizer Pro and Exportizer Enterprise are fully functional trials. The trial period is 15 days. So you can test them before buying.

Click here to download the trial(s) or proceed below.

Exportizer Pro

Number of computers Price per computer in USD
1 29.00
2..5 23.00
6..10 18.00
11..20 14.00
21 and more 11.00
Upgrade from v.7 0.00 when upgraded before or on 6/9/2019
15.00 when upgraded after 6/9/2019
Please check your email for instructions.

Exportizer Enterprise

Number of computers Price per computer in USD
1 49.00
2..5 42.00
6..10 36.00
11..20 30.00
21 and more 24.00
- One (1) user license gives the buyer the right to use one (1) copy of the product on one computer only.
- Volume discounts are based on single orders. Previous orders are not considered.
- Some purchase and post-purchase questions can be found in the FAQ.

After purchasing, you need to register the application using Help | Register... menu.

Advantages for buyers

1. Perpetual license.
2. Non-limited royalty-free using the software for any legal purpose.
3. 6 months of full technical support.
4. Free upgrades for the entire major series. For example, if you purchase 8.0, you get all the 8.xx upgrades free.
5. Great discounts (up to 70%) on upgrades to other major versions of the software (for example, from 8.xx to 9.xx).