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Exportizer Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What are the differences between Exportizer Enterprise and Database Tour (Pro) exporting?
What version to choose: 32-bit or 64-bit?

Pre-purchase and post-purchase questions

I purchased Exportizer Pro (Exportizer Enterprise) and I need support. Where should I place the support ticket?
I purchased Exportizer Pro (Exportizer Enterprise), but after entering the activation key, I see error message 'Exportizer Pro has already been registered on another computer'. What does it mean?
I purchased Exportizer Pro (Exportizer Enterprise), but cannot activate it. I entered my activation key and the application said it is valid, but every time it starts, the activation window appears. What am I doing wrong?
I purchased Exportizer Pro (Exportizer Enterprise), but now I want purchase another copy. Can I expect a discount in this case?
I installed and registered Exportizer Pro (Exportizer Enterprise), but now I need to move it to another computer. What is the right way to do this?
I want purchase several your products. Can I expect a discount in this case?

Technical questions

Can Exportizer export data in 'silent' mode (without showing any GUI windows)?
Exporting to local files is really fast, but how can I speed up the exporting to databases?
I need to export the result of calculating formulas. Is it possible?
How to export very large tables to another database?
How to export BYTES fields?
How to export images from a BLOB column to individual image files?
How to export text from some column(s) to individual text files?
I'm building source-to-target mappings for exporting many tables to another database. The source table and column names contain spaces, and default mapping builder preserves them in target names too. Is there a way to quickly replace the spaces in target names?

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