Here you will find information about how to open databases, to prepare them for exporting, to export, and more.

Opening databases

Once the database is opened, you may want to prepare its data for exporting (e.g. edit, sort, filter etc.).

To start edit data in the database, just type your text in the corresponding cell of database grid. You can cancel changes (before they posted to database) by pressing ESC.

The tool, called 'Database navigator' , allows navigating, editing, refreshing database. Its functions are also available in keyboard.

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Shortcut keystrokes

Here are described the most important Exportizer features, which let you work with data in the most convenient and easiest way:

Database Grid

Filtering and Searching

Special Data Functions

When working with databases, don't forget to check sometimes the status line to learn dynamic information, which may be useful for you.

Status bar

Exporting Data

Printing Data

Opening databases, as long as exporting data, can be done through command line.

Command Line Usage

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 Shortcut Keystrokes