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Exportizer Pro is a shareware with test period of 15 days. After the test period, if you want to continue using the program, you need to register. The registration fee varies depending on the amount of licenses you purchase. The prices are shown below.

The orders are handled by eSellerate, an industry-leading software commerce provider. When you purchase products through eSellerate, the transaction is protected with the strongest exportable standards of encryption.

Number of users Price per user in USD
1 29.00
2..5 24.00
6..10 20.00
11..20 17.00
21 and more 15.00
Upgrade from 6.xx to 7.xx (use coupon code CPN74407608199 and your email address from your Exportizer Pro 6 order) 9.00
- One (1) user license gives the buyer the right to use one (1) copy of the product on one computer only.
- Volume discounts are based on single orders. Previous orders are not considered.
- Some purchase and post-purchase questions can be found in the FAQ.

You can also buy Exportizer Pro directly from the program's Help menu or About section.

If you purchase from within the program and when you have an Internet connection, the program will change its state to registered automatically right after the purchase.

If you purchase using the button above, you will get your key (serial number) by e-mail. Then you need to enter the key and your registration name in reply to the program request or by moving to About section and clicking Buy Now and Enter Key buttons. After that in some cases you will also need to activate the software. Usually, if you have Internet connection, it is activated automatically right after purchase.

Step-by-step instruction on how to purchase Exportizer Pro online

Advantages for registered users

1. Non-limited using Exportizer Pro for any legal purpose.
2. Receiving full technical support.
3. Free upgrades for the entire major series. For example, if you purchase 6.0, you get all the 6.xx upgrades free.
4. Great discounts (up to 70%) on upgrades to other major versions of Exportizer Pro (for example, from 6.xx to 7.xx).